Season’s Greetings 2013

Carbon  Neutral HolidaysHappy Carbon Neutral Holiday Season! It is now the period of the year when all, while busy preparing year-end reports, are getting ready to enjoy the holiday season. Within a month-time, several festivities will be celebrated around the world, synonym of family reunion, leisure travelling or resting at home. In appreciation of continuous support and successful cooperation, and with their well-being in mind, we have prepared this year a surprise for our partners and friends: a personal offset of 100 kg of CO2 emissions – three days of Carbon Neutral Holidays – with the UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas Programme of Activity (PoA). This present comes in form of a very special greeting card coming together with a magnet, which we hope will trigger interesting discussions about sustainability and climate mitigation! 


Why 100 kgCO2 = three days of holidays?

Well it could be working days as well, but it is how we came up to this number: we have based our calculation on statistical data available for the yearly per capita emission for Germany and China.

With 9.70 tCO2e yearly per capita emissions, German people are emitting around 80kgCO2e in three days.

With 7.10 tCO2e yearly per capita emissions, Chinese people are emitting around 60kgCO2e in three days.

Considering the extra travels during the festivities, we have rounded-up the amount to 100 kgCO2e and we will be offsetting a total of around 10 tCO2e with the CER (Carbon Credits) from the first issuance of our Sichuan PoA. According to UNFCCC announced timeframe, those CERs will be available early January and we will cancel them as soon as they will be credited.

So enjoy your carbon neutral holidays and the celebrations and see you all in 2014 and in the Year of the Horse!

Best wishes from the team in Munich and Beijing!

Update (22.01.2014): following the first GS CERs issuance of our Sichuan Household Biogas PoA, we have cancelled eleven of the issued GS-CERs to cover the personal offset of CO2 emissions offered to our partners in Europe and China for the new year. We hope that you have enjoyed your Carbon Neutral Holidays!