The county of Jian Yang has been selected by the Sichuan Rural Energy Office to be part of a clean energy deployment pilot programme, together with other districts, among the poorest of the Sichuan province.

Zeng Yuying and her family took the opportunity of the beginning of the programme and the construction of their new house to build a biogas digester. Since the installation and initial training, the family has been using the digester at its best capacity, saving enough money to cover the cost of the digester in a year and supporting the repayment of their house mortgage.

  • Digester installed in 2011.
  • Saving around 120EUR every year
The household

Zeng Yuying and her family live in a village in the district of Jian Yang county, in the eastern part of the Sichuan province. The household comprises the Zeng Yuying, her husband, an eighteen year-old son, a five-year-old daughter and the mother of Zeng’s husband. The daughter is going to kindergarten, while the son is working in Jian Yang city and coming home every day. The family keeps its production & livestock for its own consumption, including cereals, vegetables, fruits and chickens. They do also have one sow.

The family annual income is around 1,500 EUR. Both parents are doing morning, afternoon or evening shifts for the commune, repairing roads and public facilities. As an additional income, they sell their sow’s piglets once to twice a year.

Before the construction of the digester, the family was using a traditional stove powered by firewood.

The household and the programme

Zeng Yuying and her husband decided to join the programme and build a digester in 2011. At that time, the township authorities were encouraging everyone to join the programme, offering subsidies (37 EUR) and providing the pipes and the stove. The biogas digester was built together with their new house. The process was very straight-forward, Zeng only had to inform her working unit which relayed the information to the rural office at the village and the township level (the subsidies being offered by the township rural office). They only had to pay a bit more than 120 EUR in total. Since the installation, the household has been able to save the same amount every year in fuel thanks to the free fuel.
The construction of the biogas digester has also help reducing greatly the smell of the manure in the home. The collection of the fermented manure is convenient; thanks to the use of an electric pump and the treated manure is a very good fertilizer for vegetables and crops.

Biogas is hygienic, convenient, free-of-charge and is available all the time. It is also much cleaner than firewood. We have been able to use it to cook all our meals, except when we have too many guests. It really has a lot of benefits.

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