Xie Guo ‘An lives in the Jian Yang county in Sichuan Province. Xie, together with his wife and his grown-up son, work on the family’s fields and live in a traditional house, made with daub.

Since the installation of the digester, the family has been able to cook three meals per day using the biogas generated and was able to invest some of the money saved on fuels and fertilizers to invest in their agricultural activities.

  • Digester installed in 2011.
  • Reinvesting the money saved thanks to the digester into own farming activities

The Xie’s family lives in the Jian Yang county, in the eastern part of the Sichuan province. The household comprises Xie, 62, his wife, 59 and a grown-up son.

The family sole occupation is farming. Two-mu land (13 acres) is used to cultivate chives which are sold. The rest of the land is used to cultivate vegetables and cereals which are for the family and livestock consumption. The livestock include one sow and piglets, chickens and ducks. The family has been using a mix of coal and wood for the cooking.

The family average annual income is 1,500 EUR.

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