Huang Mingying was first acquainted with the household biogas programme when families in her village starting installing biogas digesters in their home. She saw there a solution which could help her saving money, have a cleaner living environment and provide her with a much more convenient cooking fuel, freeing her from long hours in the kitchen and giving her more time to manage her small family business.

  • Digester installed in 2012.
  • Saving around 150 EUR per year
The household

Huang Mingying lives with her husband, her parents and her eight-year-old son in a small village in the Santai county. The grand-parents are farming the land, while Huang and her husband operate a small business from their home, selling crops and fertilizers.

The family is using the cereals and corn to feed the family and livestock and sell most of its production of vegetables and fruits. They also raise chickens, for meat and eggs, and sell the offspring of their sow.

Although the family was able to double its total income with the extra revenue generated by the family business, Huang was looking forward to being able to save on cooking fuels.

The household and the programme

When she visited relatives and friends who had built a digester, Huang was very impressed by the intensity of fire ignited by the biogas stove and realised that it could save a lot of resources. When Huang and her husband started discussing about building a new house, the idea of building a digester came automatically to their mind. The government subsidy finished to convince them to participate in the programme. Some of the workers were sent by the Rural Energy Office and they even helped to dig the digester chamber. As Huang decided to build an 8 m3 digester, she only had to provide meals for the workers and only around 120 EUR for the material.

The installation of the digester has brought to the family much cleaner and hygienic environment: it has reduced drastically the number of flies, there is no more smoke in the kitchen, and the house is now free of manure and smell. The liquid treated manure is also much more convenient and efficient to use as fertilizer in the fields.

I think that the main reason for building a digester is that it helps saving money. But it has also a lot of additional benefits: our home is now free of smoke, flies and smells. It is also much more convenient for me to manage our family business while taking care of the cooking. With more pigs we would even be able to use the biogas for lighting and heat water for the shower.

The Other Households