Carbon Neutral & Carbon Offset

Carbon Neutrality

Any kind of human activities is source of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions and those emissions are contributing to climate change. To slow down the trend of increasing CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere and mitigate global warming, we should always try to reduce or eliminate the amount of carbon emissions we produce. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

Private and public institutions have nonetheless the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact & those of their products/services and become Carbon Neutral by offsetting their unavoidable CO2 emissions with carbon credits from high-quality emission reduction & renewable energy projects, like our Sichuan Household Biogas PoA, thus contributing to mitigate climate change and build a green & sustainable development. In doing so, they can also take the lead against competitors  by powering-up their reputation!

Carbon Balance is a one-stop-shop service launched by UPM with the ambition to pave the way towards a low carbon development. The main goal of Carbon Balance is to assist UPM to realise its mission statement: delivering world-class carbon reduction certificates with high environment and social values to its clients with absolute reliability, as well as excellent one-stop-shop climate solutions with measurable results in terms of meeting its clients’ strategic need for environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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