UPM supports new ClimateSeed climate-action platform with Gold Standard carbon credits from its Sichuan Household Biogas Programme

Beijing/Munich, 11 March 2019 | News Release

From now on, UPM sells Gold Standard carbon credits from its much sought-after Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas Programme via ClimateSeed, a new climate-action platform which is a BNP Paribas initiative and a Social Business recognized by Nobel Peace Prize Prof. Yunus. It is 100% dedicated to solving human problems and fight climate change. 

ClimateSeed is achieving its mission by operating a digital marketplace that connects a sustainable ecosystem of organizations, experts and project carriers that want to have an immediate positive impact on the planet.

In the ClimateSeed platform, organisations and corporations can support sustainable projects that capture and avoid GHG emissions. By supporting these sustainable projects, they can compensate the carbon emissions of their daily activity and they can also create zero-impact businesses, products, events and cities.

To do so, they sign up to climateseed.com, browse and contribute to those sustainable quality-checked projects to securely and easily offset their emissions. This way, organisations and corporations can boost their brand and competitive advantage by positively impacting the environment and society. Then, they can use ClimateSeed tools to promote their climate-positive actions and shape their education campaign for clients, employees and investors.

All presented climate action projects should have high co-benefits and need to be certified by most reputable international standards such as Verra (ex-VCS) and the Gold Standard to qualify for offering their VERs (Voluntary Emission Reductions) or VCUs (Verified Carbon Units) through ClimateSeed.

“We are convinced that ClimateSeed will be a highly useful platform to bring together the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality checked carbon credits with the most sophisticated carbon offsetters and impact investors. Therefore, we are really pleased to be an official ClimateSeed partner and look forward to having a long and successful cooperation,” UPM’s Managing Director Martin Dilger on the reasons to join this initiative.

For more information, please visit: www.climateseed.com

Your contacts at UPM for the Sichuan Household Biogas PoA and its GS CERs are:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM Germany
mdilger(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +49 89 1222197 – 50


Gaiai Guo, Vice General Manager, UPM China
guog(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +86 10 6468 0500 

UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas PoA selected for the 3rd year by the German Federal Government to offset business trip’s GHG emissions.

Beijing/Munich, 14 January 2019 | News Release

The German Government, through its Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit) has recently announcedthe result of a new tender aiming at offsetting the unavoidable carbon emissions produced by all business trips (service vehicles and air travel) of the federal government in 2017. Since the initial purchase in 2016, it is the fifth time in three years that UPM’s high-quality Gold Standard (GS) CDM Sichuan Household Biogas PoA is selected to contribute to a share of the offset.

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Remarkable Achievement towards Climate Change Mitigation: UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas PoA avoids 4.5 Million Tons of GHG Emissions

Beijing/Munich, 03 December 2018 | News Release

UPM is delighted to announce that its Gold Standard and CDM certified Sichuan Household Biogas Programme of Activities (PoA) has avoided to date a total of 4.5 million tons of GHG emissions. This new emission reduction milestone is equivalent to GHG emissions of almost 1 million passenger cars for one year. With almost 400,000 poor rural households supported by the programme and measurable impacts on 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, UPM’s PoA remains at the forefront of carbon offset projects offering holistic approaches to climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

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UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas PoA gets its 4th Issuance and will be showcased at the upcoming Gold Standard’s Grow to Zero Conference

Beijing/Munich, 16 April 2018 | News Release

On 10 April 2018, UPM’s flagship project, the Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas Development Programme of Activities (PoA), had its fourth issuance with nearly 750,000 Gold Standard CERs (GS CERs), all of them from vintage year 2015.

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UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas Programme is the first ever to be certified under the new Gold Standard for the Global Goals

Beijing/Munich, 26 March 2018 | News Release
On 31 January 2018, UPM’s Sichuan Rural Poor Household Biogas Development Programme (CDM PoA 2898, GS 1239) has been successfully migrated to the new Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG). According to information from the Gold Standard, it is the first Programme of Activities (PoA) worldwide to have accomplished this transition. The GS4GG certification is effective as of 14 August 2017.

UPM’s Sichuan Household Biogas PoA enters BP Target Neutral project portfolio

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning GS CDM Sichuan Household Biogas PoA is now part of the BP Target Neutral portfolio of carbon offsetting projects. The programme was put forward by Natural Capital Partners, specialists in the sale of offset projects to corporate clients around the world and the company responsible for the transaction with BP Target Neutral.

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Our PoA helps We Belong Forums China 2016 becoming carbon neutral

We are delighted to announce that its flagship GS CDM Sichuan Household Biogas PoA has been selected by the participants of the We Belong Forums 2016 to offset the GHG emissions of the events hosted in Beijing & Shanghai in October 2016. Our French business partner EcoAct was the carbon offset sponsor of these events on sustainable business and innovation.

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Reaching a new Milestone for the promotion of climate change mitigation and the SDGs: UPM Sichuan Household Biogas PoA avoids 3 Million Tons of GHG Emissions

Beijing/Munich, 13 March 2017

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning GS CDM Sichuan Household Biogas PoA has avoided 3 million Tons of GHG emissions since its establishment. UPM PoA is the first CDM household biogas PoA to reach this impressive CO2 emission avoidance milestone worldwide and the second of all PoA registered under the CDM. The GHG avoidance is equivalent to almost 78 million tree seedlings grown for ten years.

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UPM rolls out Independent Scientific Study on the Co-Benefits of its Sichuan Household Biogas PoA

Today, UPM publishes a comprehensive scientific study on the co-benefits of its “Sichuan Rural Poor- Household Biogas Programme of Activities” (CDM PoA 2898, Gold Standard 1239), which currently supports nearly 400,000 low-income rural households in China’s Sichuan province with advanced biogas digesters and smoke-free biogas cook stoves. For this study, UPM has appointed the Centre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation (CSES) at the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) to analyze and evaluate critically the PoA’s actual and potential co-benefits beyond the reduction of GHG emissions.

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Third Issuance of Gold Standard CERs from our Sichuan Household Biogas PoA

Today, UPM announces that our flagship climate protection programme, the Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas PoA (CDM PoA 2898, GS 1239), received its third issuance of carbon credits. This time, around 613,000 Gold Standard Certified Emission Reductions (GS CERs), all vintage 2014, have been transferred to UPM. To date, the PoA has avoided a total of more than 2.25 million tons of CO2.

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