Season’s Greetings 2013

Happy Carbon Neutral Holiday Season! It is now the period of the year when all, while busy preparing year-end reports, are getting ready to enjoy the holiday season. Within a month-time, several festivities will be celebrated around the world, synonym of family reunion, leisure travelling or resting at home. In appreciation of continuous support and […]

The Sichuan Household Biogas Programme Video

A New Video on the Sichuan Household Biogas Programme

To promote our PoA, we have produced a Video to tell the story of the households of Sichuan. Together with Alberto Guiducci from Devine Films, we travelled to some of the remote areas in which we are distributing the biogas digesters and asked the households about how their lives have changed after they installed the […]


Announcing the Sichuan Household Biogas Programme

fter nearly three years of work, several photo and video shooting trips and meeting many of our friends and of course the households for which we are developing this projects, we are finally ready to talk about our programme! We would like to invite you to learn more about the Sichuan Household Biogas Programme, its […]